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What I Do

For over 20 years I have brought my curriculum supportive storytelling based programs to hundreds of schools and communities in Canada, USA, Australia and China. My programs facilitate deep engagement, a love of learning and active participation to:
Self confidence and mastery of communication skills.
Appreciation for cultural and personal diversity.
Mindfulness and focused awareness.
Positive character values and safe, inclusive community.
Storytelling in Beijing

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The Value of Storytelling in Education

The Four 'C's'


Classic myths and folktales contain archetypes and models of positive character traits that people of every culture have in common. Stories can provide a context for the reinforcement of positive behaviour for both individuals and groups.
Storytelling is the worlds most ancient art form and a tradition that is shared by every culture on earth. Stories can be used to celebrate diversity as well as inclusion.


Stories bridge the gap between intellect and imagination by presenting unique scenarios and inspirational modes of behaviour. Stories can be used to build problem solving skills and personal creativity.


Stories are a fundamental way in which we communicate, both interpersonally and through modern technology. Working with stories provides students with a foundation for success in all aspects of life.
Success in our modern interconnected world increasingly depends upon how well we can tell our own stories and empathetically understand others.  

My Programs



Weekly 30 minute sessions for children aged 18 months to 4 years old that help set a positive foundation for lifelong learning by inspiring storytelling-based creative interaction and cooperative activities. 
This fun, educational program follows current Ontario Ministry of Education standards for Early Childhood Education (ELECT / FDK).
Activities include: Finger plays, word games, songs and rhymes that help build self confidence, personal creativity, self-expression, fine motor and language skills. Also includes materials for parents on how to use storytelling at home to inspire literacy.
Fee:  $200.00 +HST / 60 minutes (two 30 minute sessions)



Interactive, curriculum-supportive classroom performances that inspire children to confidently participate in bringing classic multicultural folktales to life.  Great for strengthening listening skills and self-expression skills.  Themes include:
Fall into Autumn
Winter Tales
Hello Spring
Fables from Aesop
Stories of Friendship
Stories of Kindness and Caring
Fee:  $300.00 + HST / 60 minute presentation for up to 60 students.



Tales of Great Character  – Anti Bullying Awareness 
The Multicultural Winter Holiday  – Nov, Dec, Jan
Family Literacy Day  – January
Stories from Africa  for Black History Month – February
Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times  – March
Earth Wind Water and Fire for Earth Day – April
Stories from Asia for Asian Heritage Month – May
Fee:  $650.00 + HST / 60 minutes up to 275 students



Unique 60 minute interactive storytelling assemblies that inspire students to participate in ‘bringing classic folktales to life’ in front of an audience.
Also includes  information for parents about how to use storytelling at home to enhance literacy and communication skills; handouts plus access to the Storyvalues Interactive website.
This program is an excellent way for the whole school community to share in the ancient tradition of storytelling, thus strengthening social bonds and common interests.
Fee:  $600.00 + HST / 60 minute presentation / up to 275 students

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Cheryl’s live presentations are unparalleled in terms of student engagement. Without fail, children participate enthusiastically, both as participants and active listeners. A fantastic way to enhance mindfulness, literacy and cooperative learning in a school setting.

Matthew Giffin

CEO - KapowKidz, Inc.

Cheryl Thornton’s Storyvalues program supports integrated learning at the Kindergarten to Grade 6 level using story as the basis for character education. The e-resource provides many opportunities for learners to demonstrate their learning.

Curriculum Services Canada

Toronto Ontario

Cheryl Thornton’s interactive storytelling programs are applicable to 17 areas of the Ontario curriculum, including language, arts, social studies and history.

Jen McColl

Teacher - Toronto District School Board

Cheryl’s live performances and ‘Storyteller’s Journey’ program uniquely join live performances, modern technology and traditional stories. A very effective method for teaching deep communication skills and the value of cultural diversity.

Samia Goudie

Professor - Australia National University

Cheryl’s live storytelling performances are fantastic and her Storyvalues program is wonderful for children and even adults. I enjoy closing my eyes, listening and imagining scenes. Great for children to read along, draw their own pictures and retell.

M. Teuscher

Teacher - Toronto District School Board

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