This morning as I was cleaning my office, I came across a hand written letter of apology from Cole, a grade 3 student from a school I had visited months ago.

Cole wrote, “Dear Presenter,  I am sorry for my rude, disrispective behaveur.  It was inipoprieit.  I am sorry if you saw my rude behaveur. I am also sorry if I offended you.  Sicerly, Cole”

Cole delivered his letter while I was packing up in the gym.  As he handed me the folded piece of paper, I asked what it was.  

“I got in trouble and my teacher made me write to you,”  he answered cheerfully. I got the distinct impression that this wasn’t the first time he had written such a letter.

After I read his confession and apology, we had a great chat. He told me he really liked my story about the hungry goddess who broke in half and was recycled, but his favourite assembly from forever, was when he was in grade 1 and they turned off all the gym lights and had a black light show.  “Your assembly would be lots better if you used black lights.”  

I always welcome helpful feedback.

I think I’ll keep the note and file it under, Suggestions.