Cheryl’s Story Club

Engaging, interactive online ZOOM programs for kids, age 2 – 9!

Nothing engages children better than a well-told story!

Each weekly 45-minute Zoom session includes:
  • Two folktales from around the world, with opportunities for children to help ‘bring the story to life’ through creative interaction.
  • An interactive art project to create props that can be used in the next week’s story.
  • An original song and performance by songwriter Matthew Giffin.

Help for Parents


All participants are able to take part in Zoom sessions with educator and parenting expert Michele Blumberg, M. Ed., who is on hand with practical and creative advice for these challenging times!

A Few Sample Clips

Multicultural stories, art projects, and original songs! This 3-minute video shows how a few members of ‘Cheryl’s Story Club’ interact with the creative content of the program.

Zooming Character, Culture, Creativity and Communication Skills!

Online Sessions for Public Libraries

Public Libraries

Sessions for Parents
Practical Advice: How to Meet the Challenge of Parenting and Educating during Covid-19.
Family Literacy Session: How to Use the Power of  Storytelling to Strengthen Literacy and Communication Skills.
Common Ground: How Storytelling Can Be Used to Strengthen Community.
Session for Kids
The Four ‘C’s’: Interactive Storytelling sessions to Strengthen Character, Culture, Creativity and Communication Skills.
*Sessions are 45 minutes long, offered FREE  to public libraries.
Call 416-461-3472 to book your session.

Online Sessions for Daycares


45 minute sessions for children aged 18 months to 5 years old.
Children participate in ‘bringing stories to life’ through dramatic participation and dialogue. Each session includes two interactive multicultural folktales, finger plays and rhymes that help build self-expression, fine motor and language skills, an interactive story-based art project and performance of one original song by Matthew Giffin.
This fun, educational program blends the ancient tradition of storytelling with modern technology and follows current Ontario Ministry of Education standards for Early Childhood Education (ELECT / FDK). 
Fee:  $200.00 +HST / Fall Semester, Sept 17 to December 17, 2020. Thursdays at 10:00 am EST.

Online Sessions for Home

For Home

Positive Engagement through Interactive Storytelling
Weekly 45 minute interactive storytelling sessions that give children an opportunity to creatively interact with classic folktales and with each other!
This engaging program is a great way for kids (and families) to remain connected through creative interaction with stories from around the world, finger plays, rhymes, art projects and songs. Each story and song is developed to emphasize and celebrate positive character values, personal creativity, cultural diversity and the development of communication skills.  
Fee:  $150.00 + HST.
14 sessions, Saturdays 10 – 10:45 EST.  Sept. 19 – Dec. 19, 2020. 

Online / Video Programs for Schools

For School

Elementary Schools, Grades K – 6
45 minute video sessions that support Ontario Curriculum. Two multicultural folktales, creative projects, songs, finger plays (when age appropriate) and downloadable story-based class materials.
Themes Include:
Tales of Great Character…  Anti Bullying Awareness… The Multicultural Winter Holiday… Stories from Africa for Black History Month… Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times… Earth Wind Water and Fire… Stories from Asia for Asian Heritage Month.
Note: This program will be available starting in January, 2021.
Call 416-461-3472 for further details.

Families: Sign Up Now for Autumn 2020

Now on sale: Saturday Sessions, 10:30 – 11:15 EST

September 19  – December 19

Only $150.00 (+HST) for 14 Sessions!

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Stay tuned for details about additional times, available soon!

Help Us Build Our Story Community!

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For each referral that results in a membership we will offer a 25% rebate on your fee of $150.00!

*Offer good until October 1. Limit – 3 referrals / member.


“We highly recommend Cheryl’s storytelling zoom sessions for childcare centres, early years centres, and schools, as a great way to build literacy, creativity, language and relationship skills. When the pandemic hit, Cheryl immediately started presenting her weekly classes on zoom for our families, to ensure there is a continuation of routines and stability for children in an unstable world. The children loved the routine of meeting online for stories and being able to see their friends and teachers again. Now that we have re-opened, the children continue to participate as if Cheryl were here in person”!


Director, Owen DC - Toronto
Our little guy (3.5 years) is really into the story part while our older (7.5 years) is into the whole thing (and really enjoys the drawing a lot – she could go up to an hour for the sessions). We will likely not be returning to school so would appreciate these sessions being during the day. It was one of the things they looked forward to this summer. Hope we can continue…


Parent - Chatham-Kent, ON
Thank you! We love your program and the added art work is such a treat!


Parent - Toronto, ON
Your many improvements throughout the past months have been great — the current format is working really well. Our son loves Storytime and Matt’s songs! Thanks!

Gabrielle S.

Parent - Toronto, ON
Thank you Cheryl, my daughter Sophia loves your story telling sessions, and also  the drawing activities as they incorporate well into the stories that you tell.

G. Wong

Parent - Toronto, ON
My son has enjoyed this program very much – thank you!

Helena H.

Parent, Toronto ON
Thank you Cheryl for this! My daughter loves it and is the only online learning thing that keeps her attention. We have recommended you to our friends and they love it as well. You have a special connection with the children. Keep it up!

Mariana V.

Parent - Toronto, ON